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21 Day Fix – Weekly Meal Planning

Planning sets you up for success. Yes, it might take extra time at on the weekend (creating a plan/shopping list and getting to the store) and at night during the week (prepping food for the next day), but it will help prevent chaos and bad choices. I always make my worst decisions, like running through a drive-through on the way home from work, when my stomach is empty and I don’t have a plan for dinner! What I like about the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan is the template it provides, simplifying the seemingly beastly weekly meal planning task.

First the eating plan guide shows you how to calculate the number of calories you need to eat each day. Next there is a reference chart that shows you how many containers of each color you get to enjoy. Here is what my daily container allotment looks like:


My daily container count

I get 3 green veggie containers, 2 purple fruit containers, 4 red protein containers, 2 yellow carbohydrate containers, 1 blue good fat container, 1 orange seeds/21 Day Fix dressings container, and one teaspoon that covers oils and nut/seed butters.

The eating guide suggests you may find yourself getting full before you’ve finished all your daily containers. I can get pretty famished, like “hungry-hungry hippo”-style, so I’m definitely interested in seeing if I get full. I think eating at regular intervals will help me greatly. And if you do happen to find yourself getting full, you don’t have to eat everything. That’s fine. Just don’t skip all containers from one color – vegetables for example – make sure you’re getting all your colors!

Although I’m not too into drinking wine, I’ve been known indulge in a glass or two while watching Disney classics with friends. One of the really cool things about this eating plan is how you can still drink a glass of wine while doing the 21 Day Fix! Live on Disney + wine nights! Yippee skippee! Again it’s about proportions so a 4 oz glass of wine can take the place of one the yellow containers up to 3-times a week. If wine’s not your thing there are also trade-outs for milk (cow, almond, rice, soy, coconut) and juices too.

Here are some example meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from my awesome coach Shel:

How amazing do these meals look! Shel’s pics really convinced me to give this program a chance because I otherwise would have been very concerned about the AMOUNT of food I was getting to eat. This truly looks like plenty of food!

So once you have your container numbers figured out, you just have to pick foods from lists of approved foods for each container and start visualizing meals. The back of the eating plan has some suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to three meals, they also suggest eating two snacks. I’m really into snacking, and approved snacks are greatly appreciated.

Click to enlarge chart!

Click to enlarge chart!

Whew. That took a little time but here it is: my first week meal plan! You can click on the chart to enlarge it. You’ll probably notice A LOT of the same stuff. For some people this might be an issue. But I don’t mind eating the same things – especially in this situation where I am learning how to shop and cook for this program. As I get more creative, I’ll post updated weekly meal plans!

Questions of the Day:

  • When do you meal plan for the week?
  • Do you like lots of variety in meals or could you eat the same things over and over?

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21 Day Fix – It’s Arrived!!

21DayFixLast month Beachbody released a new diet/workout plan designed by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese called the 21 Day Fix. According the website:

It’s a unique portion-control system combined with easy-to-follow workouts that fit into anyone’s busy schedule. Trainer Autumn Calabrese shares her passion for food and fitness as she shows you how to make simple choices that add up to life-changing results.”

What peaked my curiosity about this system was the portion control aspect. Along with a workout plan, the 21 Day Fix features colored containers that correlate to different food groups. You select foods from a provided clean eating list, and if it fits in the container, you can eat it! For example the purple container is for fruits. Blackberries are an approved fruit. No need to count the berries, just put as many that fit into the purple container and your done.

Americans have trouble visually assessing correct portion size, partially because restaurants have super-sized them. I used to be under the impression that if you were eating vegetables you could eat as much as you want. But even veggie calories can add up. The bottom line is you can overdo it with healthy foods too and this program is designed to retrain your visual system and brain to understand what a normal portion size looks like.

On Friday my Beachbody package arrived. I was really excited about getting my hands on those little containers and reading about the eating plan. Let’s just say I got home, saw the containers, and a mild panic set in! It’s hard to estimate what size they are from online pictures. Well let me tell you that these containers seem small. But then again, my portion sizes have probably been off for a long time and for most colors you get more than one container a day. My awesome Beachbody coach Shel had also reassured me that you eat plenty of food with this plan. Before I put my order in she had been sending me pictures of her meals and they looked legit! Even knowing all this I’d be lying if I said I was anxiety free, but I’m excited to start the program.

21 Day Fix containers with a pen for scale.

The next step is to start meal planning for the week and head to the store for supplies!


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